darfur peoples association of greater new york

Motasim Adam, president of the Darfur Peoples Association of Greater New York, represents a group of refugees who have fled genocide in Darfur, Sudan. They send a shipments of clothing and school supplies to Darfurians still living in refugee camps in Chad. Darfurians displaced by the genocide in their homeland live in a precarious situation and lack many of life's basic necessities. The organization plans to continue collecting clothing and school supplies to be sent to the camps; anyone wishing to help organize drives or make donations can contact Darfur Peoples Association at darfurny at yahoo.com.

christian solidarity international

Black Christians and Animists from the South of Sudan have been victimized by the Arab Muslims in the North of Sudan for centuries. Over the last thirty years, Christian Solidarity has been helping persecuted Christians in Sudan and around the world.

From 1989-2005, a civil war was waged by the Islamic dictator President Omar Hassan al-Bashir on behalf of the Northern Arab Muslims against the Southern African Christians and Animists. During the Sudan civil war over two million people were slaughtered and four million displaced from their homes.

It was a systematic component of Sudan's military policy to kidnap and enslave Black Christians and Animists in the South. In 1998, CSI began working with local Dinka tribal leaders to identify and liberate slave in the North of Sudan. Approximately 80,000 men, women and children have been liberated. Since the end of the civil war, the North has ceased enslaving more people. However, there are still tens of thousands of slaves in the North that must be liberated. CSI is dedicated to continuing its vital work until all the slaves are free.

In addition to the slave liberation campaign, CSI also provides food, water, seed and medicine to the liberated slaves as they return to their villages and reclaim their lives.

On July 14, 2008, the Chief Prosecutor at the International Court of Justice, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, issued an arrest warrant against Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. He accuses the 64-year-old dictator of genocide and crimes against humanity. It is the first time that the International Court of Justice in The Hague has indicted an incumbent head of state.

For more info: www.csi-int.org
save the children

Save the Children is the leading independent organization creating lasting change for children in need in the United States and around the world. For 75 years, Save the Children has been helping children survive and thrive by improving their health, education and economic opportunities, and in times of crisis, mobilizing rapid life-saving assistance to help children recover from the effects of war, conflict and natural disasters. ‘‘On behalf of Save The Children's Board of Trustees, I am pleased to present you with the attached Supporter Card distinguishing Rock To Save Darfur as a vital partner in our lifesaving and life-changing work on behalf of children around the world. I have also attached a special Results Report which details some of the our recent emergency relief efforts made possible with the help of your financial support and abiding concern for children in crisis situations. Both the Supporter Card and Results Report have been prepared for you, one of Save The Children's most important partners, in recognition of all you do to help us reach children where they are most vulnerable. You are a true friend to children in need.’’ For the children, Charles F. MacCormack, President and CEO, Save The Children

For more info: www.savethechildren.org

american jewish world services

Help Stop Genocide In Darfur, Sudan. Simple Things You Can Do Today:
  • Call your senators and representative and ask them to provide $430 million more than the President's budget request for humanitarian aid and peacekeeping in Darfur for 2008.
  • Call the White House comment line at 202 456 1111 and urge President Bush to use all diplomatic channels to secure Sudan's consent to the deployment of a U.N. peacekeeping force.
  • Join the Sudan divestment movement. Learn more about targeted divestment and how to take action at http://action.ajws.org/ajws_centerhome/divest.html
  • Keep Darfur in the news. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or invite a leader in your community to author an Op-Ed on Darfur.
  • Raise awareness in your community. Invite a speaker, use AJWS Darfur photos for an exhibit, or give your own presentation using the AJWS ‘&lrsquo;Crisis in Darfur’’ CD-ROM. For more info, please e-mail darfur at ajws.org.
  • Join Darfur events in your area or organize your own vigil, demonstration, film screening or photo exhibit. Spread the word. Tell your friends and family about the crisis in Darfur and ask them to take any of these actions.

    Visit the Darfur Action Campaign on the Web at www.ajws.org/darfur.